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Full Service IT Support Sacramento, CA

Dedicated Full Service IT Support & Consulting

IT Professionals for Small Businesses SD Reliance

Get the right IT support for your business.

SD Reliance offers a full suite of IT support, Network Services and Consulting. We are a local leader in the IT industry and are currently expanding to new and exciting areas, providing services to many organizations. We help manage their networks which results in better performance and functionality. We specialize in:

  • Managed IT Services

  • Managed Backup Service

  • Managed Security

Why SD Reliance?

We Are Different Because We Care

In today’s business world, companies are tied to technology now more than ever before. To bring your customers the highest quality care possible, your business needs high performing technology. However, changing technology requires maintenance, planning, and adherence to compliance. Our team of IT specialists can manage, monitor, and maintain your companies IT infrastructure. Let us keep your businesses technology running smoothly so you can focus on your core objectives! Our ability to proactively detect any and all network issues, helps eliminate downtime. It not only allows your company to perform more efficiently but also helps you offer better customer experience. We excel in providing immediate assistance by remotely accessing your systems to help you deal with any problems that may arise. No more waiting to be “scheduled in”, our IT ticketing system gets you your needed assistance ASAP.

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